Ultimate Floor Standing Lamp - 20W, Antique Finish

Ultimate Floor Standing Lamp - 20W, Antique Finish

Item# NJ-U21098
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Ultimate Floor Standing Lamp - 20W (equivalent to a 100 watt incandescent bulb), Antique Finish

The Ultimate Lamp for your hobby that combines elegance and style with practicality.

All three accessories, organizing tray, magnifying lens and chart holder can be used independently or together. Removing the accessories transforms the lamp from a functional hobby tool into a stylish piece of furniture for any room. Ideal for needlework, quilting, cross-stitch, sewing, knitting, crochet, reading and more!

Lens: Quality Acrylic, 5" diameter, rimless magnifying lens 1.75 X magnification (3-diopter)

Light Source: 20w low heat True Colour high output light bulb (equivalent to a 100w tungsten bulb) giving excellent color matching and improved clarity.

Supplied with three removable accessories:
  • An organizing tray that can hold all your accessories and also different colored threads.
  • A high quality large rimless magnifying lens on a flexible arm.
  • A chart/pattern holder on a flexible arm which ensures your hands is free to work.

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