Truecolor Portable Magnifier Lamp

Truecolor Portable Magnifier Lamp

Item# NJ-OTL10050
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Swivels 360 degree, auto on/off with open/close, magnifier stores in attached case, 2x magnification, ideal for close detail work, lightweight, compact, with carry handle, 0tt-lite Truecolor 12 watt tube included.

Ott-Lite Truecolor lighting lets you see color, clarity and detail like you've never seen before.

Ott-Lites takes the guesswork out of color matching by bringing natural daylight indoors.


Ott-Lites create nature's perfect light, colors are true to life. Ott-Lites is perfect illumination for any activity that requires accurate color selection.


With Ott-Lites enhanced brightness and contrast you can see the tiniest details easily. Ott-Lites are used and endorsed by low vision clinics nationwide.


Ott-Lites eliminates distortion by providing a soothing, balanced light that is virtually glare-free for reduced eyestrain.


Now you can work longer and more comfortably in a low heat environment. For example the Ott-Lite Truecolor 13 watt tube, used in many of our lamps, is rated to last up to 10,000 hours and provides light equivalent tp to a 75 Watt incandescent bulb.

Through 40 years of research, photobiologist Dr. John Nash Ott, a world renowned scientist and pioneer in time lapse photography, has developed a variety of truecolor lighting products. Dr. Ott met the challenge of reproducing natural daylight indoors when he developed the first Ott-Lite while filming the Secrets of Life series for Walt Disney.

This new technology has revolutionized the way we view everything. For the first time, it is possible to see indoors as clearly as we do outside under natural daylight; without the heat, glare, and distortion of ordinary artificial lighting.

Specially formulated rare earth phosphors are used to create illumination that accurately creates natural daylight indoors. These formulations are custom blended to produce light that satisfies specific viewing requirements such as lower glare, less distortion, better detail definition, and accurate color rendering.
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