Tape maker, metal, 12mm folded width

Tape maker, metal, 12mm folded width

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Bias tape makers can make 2 different types of bias tape. Single fold bias tape has both long edges folded to the middle, resulting in both edges being finished. Double bias tape has an additional fold down the center.

This 12mm (1/2") wide bias tape maker will create single fold tape that is 12mm (1/2") wide or double fold tape that is 6mm (3/8") wide. Strips of bias fabric should be cut 22mm (7/8") wide prior to running through the bias tape maker.

This practical Prym tape maker makes perfect strips of bias binding possible, for binding fabric edges or patchwork quilts. By cutting the fabric strip at a 45 degree angle to the grain of the fabric, the bias binding will bend easily along straight and curved edges. After the fabric strips are cut and joined together, the material is started and pulled through the wide opening of the tape maker On the flat side of the useful aid the perfectly folded bias binding can be pulled out and can be pressed directly with the iron. With this amazing gadget making the bias binding is quick and reliable and it can be easily rolled up for storage.

Also very useful for clothing construction. Get professional looking neckline, armhole, and other edge finishing by using the same fabric the garment is constructed with.

This tool makes perfect bias binding quickly and easily. It can save you an amazing amount of time and money!
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