Puff Quilting Clip "Starter Set" - Large Size (Approx. finished size 6 cm)

Puff Quilting Clip "Starter Set" - Large Size (Approx. finished size 6 cm)

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Creates 5 different dimensional designs for your projects with Puff Quilting Clips Sets. This "starter set" includes 4 clips, 2 templates (base and top), 1 syringe, and 1 bar. The syringe & bar are used for stuffing & turning fabrics inside out.

Tips & tidbits

Tip 1: When working with the Puff quilting Clip Sets it is helpful to use the clover Mini Iron to set the folds as your are forming the block.

Tip 2; Using Clover's applique pins while doing the dimensional work with this product allows the short pin to hold the shapes but not get in your way as a regular length pin would. While tracing the 'back' template for the Puff or dimensional unit it is important to trace carefully making sure your corners are square as this aids in sewing a perfect square to work with.

Tip 3: Using the Clover Ballpoint Awl makes getting those tiny little corners popped out to perfect points.

Tidbits: Brendalee Haunschild, a long arm quilter and fiber artist from Oregon city, Oregon shares with us that she uses our #14 Steel Crochet hook to reach through and hide the threads.

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