Smart-Ease 4 Flying Geese Interfacing Pack

Smart-Ease 4 Flying Geese Interfacing Pack

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Includes 2 panels of 24" x 36" printed fusible interfacing and general instructions. Each panel makes 36 geese running 2.5 yards.

It's Easy:

- Use in any 4" finished design - fast & easy!

- Easy strip cutting and no small pieces to manage!

- Perfect Points every time! Quiltsmart just introduced a new line of products called smart-ease.

These are packages of two panels of printed interfacing with classic designs - all easy, and smart! Smart-ease is a great way to easily and professionally customize your quilts. You get to spend your time on the creative aspects while the tedious parts are simplified! In addition to quilting, smart-ease is also great for other projects...try it for home decor, wearable, and your favorite creations.