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OmniEdge Ruler
OmniEdge Ruler

OmniEdge Ruler

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Available in several sizes, OmniEdge™ rulers have similar markings to Omnigrid rulers but they have a few added features including:
  • removable 1/8" "lip" that catches the outer edge of your cutting mat to prevent slipping and increase accuracy
  • removable lip can be positioned as needed
  • frosted outer edge allow better vision and makes trimming 1/4" seam allowances easier
  • highlighted text and markings for easy reading on both light and dark fabrics
  • 45° and 60° angled lines along with a 1/8" grid
  • lip, when firmly adjacent to cutting mat, increases successful square/straight/bias cutting

**NOTE: The 4" wide ruler is much longer than the 3" or 5", thus the higher price.

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