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Mettler Metrosene Polyester Thread, Color #0035 (233) Desert
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Mettler Metrosene Polyester Thread, Color #0035 (233) Desert

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100% Polyester Mettler Metrosene All-Purpose Sewing Thread

We have updated to Mettler's new number system (old number is in brackets) and the new colors have been added (no old number in brackets as color is new).

All colors shown on the color chart are available in the 100 metre sized spools. Select colors are also available in 274m, 500m and 1000m sizes. Use the dropdown menu to select size.

All purpose sewing thread is suitable for most sewing, including sewing apparel, mending, crafts, quilting and more. Mettler's Metrosene thread is particularly well suited for quilting and ornamental seams as well as for decorative work, such as hand embroidery, buttonholes etc. It can also be used for projects which require high tensile strength.

Metrosene can be used on all fabrics and seams. The thread is easy iron, shrink-proof and offers great colorfastness.


  • High tensile strength provides greater seam strength, resistance to breakage and fraying.
  • Outstanding elasticity, smooth seams and very easy to clean.
  • Ideal smoothness so no tension regulation required. Its optimal loop design gives a regular seam profile.
  • High quality thread feels silky and looks beautiful.
  • Threads are manufactured in line with international ecological specifications and certified.

Applications: Cotton, synthetics, mixed fabrics, linen or silk.

Clothes make the woman. Metrosene will ensure that you and your clothes make a professional, beautiful, high-quality project. Metrosene thread is a reliable partner for all your creations.


  • When choosing a thread color, stitches will "disappear" into fabric better if you choose thread that appears 1 or 2 shades darker than your fabric.
  • Recommended needle size 80-90 (12-14).
  • Colors may vary slightly from picture, depending on computer and monitor settings.