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Fashion Flip: Repositionable Fashion Glue, 59ml ( 2 oz)

Fashion Flip: Repositionable Fashion Glue, 59ml ( 2 oz)

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FASHION FLIP Repositionable Fashion Glue

• Perfect for temporarily adding appliqués, ribbons, patches, & other fabric embellishments to almost any wearable or accessory.

• Want to easily change your look? It’s easy to do with FASHION FLIP GLUE. Just apply FASHION FLIP to the back of the chosen embellishment, apply to a jacket, blouse, jeans, skirt, shirt, backpack, handbag & more and create an exciting new outfit. Remove embellishment when you want a new look and place it on another outfit.

• Embellishments are removable & repositionable and can be used on almost any type of fabric or surface.

• Great for updating prom gowns, Halloween costumes, children’s clothes, adding appliqués to torn jeans, and much more.


• Do not use on appliqués or patches that have any coating on the back as this will prevent FASHION FLIP from adhering.

• Apply glue to entire back of embellishment and allow to air dry until glue turns from white to clear.

• Glue is very sticky, so avoid getting it on your fingers. Remove glue either with rubbing alcohol or a mild citrus cleaner.

• Place embellishment on article glue side down and gently press into place. Remove after each wearing, placing embellishment on a piece of wax paper until ready to use again.

• If glue remains on a garment, remove by dry cleaning.

• Glue may weaken after repeated uses. Refresh embellishment by adding more glue and follow instructions.

• FASHION FLIP is non-toxic, non-flammable, and lead-free.