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1/2" Wide Twill Tape, 23.75m long, 100% Polyester Oyster 028
1/2" Wide Twill Tape, 23.75m long, 100% Polyester Black 031
1/2" Wide Twill Tape, 23.75m long, 100% Polyester White 030

Wrights 1/2" Wide Twill Tape

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Wrights 12.7mm (0.5") wide twill tape in packages of 2.75m (3 yards) long is 100% Polyester. This stabilizing, non-stretch, twill woven tape is designed to sew on, either by hand or machine. Catch tape in seams or where ever the stitches won't show from the outside. The tape should extend mostly into the garment but be caught by the seam stitching. Apply the tape only to the back pieces of most garments where front and back pieces are joined (ie. shoulder seams). If used around armholes apply to the bodice, not the sleeve. If applying on facing, apply to the facing, not the bodice. Always apply the tape in the most invisible way. For example, on faced necklines, the tape should be applied to the facing side so it won't show through on the right side of the garment.

Twill tape is also used extensively in jacket making to support the roll line of the collar as well as around the outside seamline of the front pieces and around hemlines (sleeves and bodice) as it reduced wear where the fabric is folded, extending the life of the jacket. In traditional tailoring of a jacket, the tape is usually hand stitched down the middle using 2 cm (3/4") long stitches (single thread) where the outer edge will be barely caught by the machine stitching. As well as stabilizing the edge so it won't stretch over time, the tape also catches the raw edge of the canvas layer which is cut just shy of the seamline (canvas is very difficult to stitch through) leaving a neat, flat long-wearing edge on the jacket. While tape is used a great deal on the front jacket pieces, it is seldom, if ever, used on the back pieces.

With some patience and careful pressing/steaming, twill tape can be encouraged to curve around rounded areas and will maintain the shape after it has been sewn in place.

It is not recommended that this tape be fused or glued to fabric.
Wrights twill tape can be dry cleaned or home laundered and can be used on any type of fabric. It may be ironed and steamed as needed without worry of damage. This twill tape is suitable for heavier woven fabrics like jeans-weight (approximately 10+ oz per yard) denim or other warm woven outerwear-weight fabrics as it is about as thick as a dime. Not suitable for knits.

Also available in 6mm (1/4")19mm (3/4") and 25mm (1") widths.