Pet Screen, 54" Width, White

Pet Screen, 54" Width, White

Item# NJ-3006847
(US) $38.99
Availability: Usually ships the next business day.
Price is per meter.

Cut Yardage (Sold by meter): 54" width, available in 13 colours.

Wonderful item for Purse/Handbag making: Phifer Pet Screen

100% Woven Vinyl-Coated Polyester

  • Use for Purse/Handbag dividers: 7 times stronger than the regular fiberglass screen sold in the home hardware stores. Coins or hard objects in the purse or handbag will not damage your beautiful purse/handbag.
  • Use as the lining inside the Purse/Handbag to protect the fabric of your Purse/Handbag fabric.
  • Because of its excellent outward visibility, and 7 times stronger than regular fiberglass insect screen, it is the perfect window or door insect screen for people with dogs or cats and high traffic area. Use to replace torn or worn window screens.
  • Woven from all-weather, vinyl-coated polyester yarn, it is easy to clean. Perfect tablecloth for outdoor tables .
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