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Cisco Sunfire

Cisco Sewing Supplies & Notions memorializes a very special Paint horse named Cisco Sunfire whom we owned for over 17 years. He was born on our farm on April 29, 1991 and was our very first stallion. If you know anything about horses, you know that owning a stallion can be rather challenging, especially a 1200 pound one! Stallions tend to behave based on their hormones and can be rude and dangerous - NOT recommended for inexperienced horse owners (like us).
Cisco was a unique and well-mannered stallion right from the start. When he was old enough to be trained for riding, he went to live with the trainer for a month. Many horses present dangerous behaviour challenges at the beginning of training. Some will buck, some kick, some rear up. Cisco's worst behaviour was to lay down. While that can also be dangerous to a rider, it is not a violent act. Being squirted with a garden hose soon taught him not to lay down "on the job" anymore.
Cisco soon became an affectionate, protective, wonderful daddy. Mares (female horses) often leave their older babies with another mare they trust to "babysit" but rarely with a male horse and almost never with a stallion. The mares trusted Cisco, often leaving him "babysitting". He was a fantastic horse and we miss him a great deal.
Sadly, Cisco died in 2008 from the injuries sustained during an animal attack. We suspect the attacker was a bear and that Cisco was protecting the young horses.
For over 17 years Cisco was the foundation of our breeding program and the father of our horse herd.
In 2000, I was diagnosed with Multiple Scleroses. I knew I would soon need an alternative form of income. Other than horses, my passions included teaching and sewing. I decided to try creating an online store. To commemorate Cisco, I decided to name this sewing supplies, notions, and tools store after him.

RIP Cisco


Our Store

Cisco Sewing Supplies & Notions is a Canadian independent online sewing supplies store. Since I was always passionate about both teaching and sewing, it seemed a natural fit to create a shopping outlet which other sewing enthusiasts (regardless of mobility) could easily access from their computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc. Along with the online store, I could now use my teaching skills to make sewing videos and tutorials to help and inspire fellow sewing enthusiasts. My primary sewing interest is Haute Couture sewing for Plus Sized women to make beautiful, well-fitting, comfortable and flattering clothing that will last a lifetime. Eliminating the demand for “Fast Fashion” has always been a passion of mine and I am thrilled the idea is catching on.

After 45+ years of sewing, quilting, crocheting, knitting, embroidery, cross stitching, tatting, and almost any other needle craft you can imagine, I am knowledgeable about a wide variety of needle crafts. As a former teacher of art, computers, math, and English, I am able to give thoughtful, clear responses to customer’s inquiries and understands your needs.

I have always loved being able to help people and providing exemplary customer service has always been our first priority at Cisco Sewing Supplies & Notions.


Barb Pattison
Owner, Cisco Sewing Supplies & Notions