Multiple Purpose Natural Light LED Flexible Strip Kit, includes 1 Meter LED Strip. 2 Clips, 6ft Power Cord + Transformer

Multiple Purpose Natural Light LED Flexible Strip Kit, includes 1 Meter LED Strip. 2 Clips, 6ft Power Cord + Transformer

Item# NJ-LED-2100
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Great for adding more light to your Sewing Machine, Long Arm Machine, Closet, Cabinet or Under Cupboard, etc.

*LEDs are durable (last for 10,000 hours), energy efficient (using about 3 Watts of Power Per Meter) and cool to touch.

*The flexible strip allows you to turn and angle the light. Pictures below show that you can start taping the LED at the back of the sewing machine and then turn to the throat of the machine, so that it provides you more light for your working area. Taping the LED at the back of sewing machine is great to eliminate the shadow on your working area. (Important: When you turn/twist the LED strips, please do not snap/fold it but just make a curve only. Otherwise, the plastic will break though the LED strips are still working. No claim/return on any broken strips because of the snapping or folding.)

As each sewing machine is different, you may have to map out the best layout for your sewing machine by trial. However, the adhesive only allows you to tape it one time and will not restick again. When doing the trial, we suggest you not to peel off the tape but use the scotch tape to tape the LED strip.

Even though the adhesive is gone, you can use the scotch tape or sticky velcro to tape the LED strip on your sewing machine. *Portable anywhere: No need to remove the LED from your Sewing Machine. You can unplug your LED strip from the transformer and your Sewing Machine will fit your Sewing Machine Case for travel.

*Transformer works worldwide: 110V to 240V

*Warranty: 1 year.

* Warnings:

  • Do not look at the light direct when it is on
  • Unplug light from the power supply outlet when not in use
  • Indoor use only

You can add one more 1 meter LED strip (item #: NJ-LED-SL) to the NJ-LED-2100 to make it a 2-meter LED strip. This feature is great for Long Arm Quilters or to add more light to your closet or cabinet.

Start Taping the LED from the side of the sewing machine

LED taped at the back of the sewing machine

LED under the throat of the sewing machine

You can customize your length. The LED strip can be cut every 6 cm (3 LEDŐs) Rejoin it together with the connector where needed.

The 3M adhesive tape on the back of the LED strip makes it easy to install anywhere

Wear around your neck and do hand sewing or knitting. Also great to do quilt binding by hand.
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