Mettler Polysheen Embroidery Thread Color #1220  Apricot

Mettler Polysheen Embroidery Thread Color #1220 Apricot

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Mettler Poly Sheen Embroidery Thread is 100% Polyester. Mettler's Poly Sheen Thread encompases the best qualities of the viscose of the past and improves on it. Better elongation results in a 50% higher tensile strength which means you'll experience less thread breakage interrupting your stitching. Even under the most demanding situations, Mettler Poly Sheen's 100% trilobal polyester construction maintains its color brilliance. Poly Sheen is the best choice for a variety of projects, including quilting, decorative embroidery and thread painting.

Product Advantages:
  • High stitch consistency guaranteed - no interruptions in the stitching process due to thread breakage.
  • An exceptionally long life for all embroidery - a shine that always looks like new.
  • Embroidery stitches that stay absolutely colorfast, even when conditions are especially tough - such as chlorine bleach, wet or dry friction, washing and ironing.
  • High brilliance for embroidery colors, so they're brighter and even more expressive.
  • Poly Sheen can hardly be distinguished from rayon but is far easier to work with.
  • Universal use - use of the same embroidery thread for a wide variety of textiles.
  • A choice of colors that leaves no wish unfulfilled.
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