LED Mini-Flashlight/Finger Light

LED Mini-Flashlight/Finger Light

Item# NJ-FLED1
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LED Mini-Flashlight/Finger Light (Assorted colour) with 3M Command Mounting Strip

  1. One piece of LED Mini-Flashlight with on/off switch, 3 pieces of Button-battery included.
  2. One piece of 3M Command Mounting Strip (Holds on strongly, Comes off cleanly, no damage to surface, no staining on surface).

Use as a Finger/Torch Light: adjust the tightness of the Velcro strip to fit your finger.

No need to turn on all the lamps & wake up everyone: perfect for mothers to check their babies or seniors to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Wear on the thumb to do hand sewing or knitting.

**Use as a Directional Light for Sewing/Rotary Cutting/Writing, etc.**

  1. Take out the Velcro strip from the LED mini-flashlight
  2. Clean the flat surface of the LED mini-flashlight
  3. Remove "red" cover tape from the 3M Command Mounting Strip
  4. Apply 3M Command Mounting Strip to the flat surface of the LED mini-flashlight
  5. Mount the LED mini-flashlight on the Sewing Machine:
    • Clean the surface of the sewing machine area that you would like to tape the light on.
    • Remove "black" cover tape from the 3M Command Mounting Strip.
    • Turn on the LED mini-flashlight to position the lamp to desired area.
    • Once you decide the position for your lamp, press "firmly" for 30 seconds.
  6. If you change your mind and want to move the LED mini-flashlight to another direction or other area:
  • Grab Remove Tab on the 3M Command Mounting Strips.

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