Dritz Super Board

Dritz Super Board

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Use this cutting board on top of any table to protect the table top yet give you a great cutting surface. Not designed for rotary cutters. This pattern cutting board is designed to make sewing projects easy and fun.

This is the board recommended for doing pattern alterations. Use the grid (which can be seen through pattern paper) to align and re-assemble the pieces and achieve the perfect fit. We use this board and love it. Because it is cardboard, you can hold pattern pieces in place with fine pins before taping them permanently. Pinning prevents the thin pattern paper from "jumping" up to meet the tape before you can apply it properly. Used by Marta Alto in many of the Palmer/Pletsch pattern fitting DVDs and books.

You can iron on this board with a dry iron only. However, should you damage it, these are very inexpensive to replace.

Open: 40" x 72" (101.6 cm x 182.8 cm)

Folded: 12" x 40"(30.4 cm x 101.6 cm) Shipped folded.

  • durable craft board
  • clear markings
  • inch and metric measurements
  • metric equivalency chart
  • straight and true bias guidelines
  • scallop and circle patterns

*NOTE: May require extra shipping and handling charges.
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