Cottage Mills Adjoining Puzzle Mats

Cottage Mills Adjoining Puzzle Mats

Item# NJ-1125-1150-1100P-1175
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Cottage Miles Cutting Mats Puzzle Mat Expanding Cutting Mat System

Design for use with rotary cutters. Textured surface prevents fabric slippage. Suitable for use with pins.

You can build whatever size of cutting mats you need. The pieces come in 12" x 12" (square) or 6" x 12" (Rectangle). Simply snap together into whatever shape & size you need.

Portable & easy to store. Dis-assembles in minutes.

Edges pieces are available to finish off the cutting mats.

Puzzle Mat Set includes 6 pieces of 12" x 12" to build a 24" x 36" cutting mat.

*NOTE: Very large mats may require extra shipping and handling charges.
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