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Signature Variegated Quilting Thread, Size 20, 200Yard

Signature Variegated Quilting Thread, Size 20, 200 yards

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SIGNATURE Quilting Thread: Size 20 Cotton Thread - 500-yard spool

There are purists in every sphere of human endeavor that insist things be done the “right way”. In the quilting sphere, they represent a passionate group dedicated to the time-honored tradition of quilting and believe the “right way” involves the primary use of cotton fabrics and threads. Signature’s new Size 20 cotton offers an exciting new palette of colors and equally exciting new set of creative options for decorative stitch work. Made of 100% long staple Egyptian cotton, this heavier cotton has the same wonderful characteristics as the original Signature 100% Cotton thread – extremely strong and durable for multi-directional sewing and yields a very low amount of lint. You can select from 8 solid colors and 10 variegated combinations, with the variegated colors dyed in predictable one-inch segments. All colors are available on 200-yard spools and 1,500-yard cones. A size 100/16 needle is suggested.

Variegated Colours!!